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Affiliate marketing can be an amazing tool that connects advertisers with publishers who can get them the results that they desire. NetFusion media is committed to being an intricate part of this connection.

Unfortunately, the industry is not perfect, filled with scams, swindlers, and sensitive situations. Other companies have been known to swindle both advertisers and publishers. Here are some of the most common scams you should be looking out for.

As a publisher:

You may be selling something that isn’t ACTUALLY a product or service.

The industry is filled with pyramid schemes and scams that will take up your valuable time and resources with no actual return.

At NetFusion Media, we vet our advertisers to ensure that everything is 100% legitimate. Remember, if you hear an offer is too good to be true, it probably is.

You won’t get the high-paying, high-quality offers that you deserve.

Many companies that appear fantastic provide substandard returns on the hard work that you do. If you are providing quality leads, clicks, or actual sales, you deserve high pay outs.

Instead of searching for hours and hours through offers to determine their value to you, let us find the ones that will be the best fit, with the highest return for you. NetFusion Media promises great offers for each of our publishers.

You could be missing out on payments with bad tracking technology.

Companies often cut corners on technology expenses. Many technologies are not focused on making sure you get paid for every conversion.

NetFusion Media has the best tracking software in the industry which guarantees that you will get paid for every click, sale, or lead you provide.

Customer Service may not be their priority

Get ready to have to send 20 emails to get something fixed or changed. Do you need to find a specific offer? Or help with the software? Enjoy waiting on hold for 30-45 minutes only to be transferred from person to person.

At NetFusion Media, we understand that your time and energy are valuable. We have dedicated customer service that remains separate for publishers and advertisers, so you will always get someone who can help you with your specific problems or goals.


As an Advertiser:

You may be paying for fake leads and scammed sales.

Automated clicks, generic and unreliable leads, scammed sales information: these are all risks you run in this industry. Working with the wrong marketing company may result in a loss rather than a large ROI as you may have hoped.

Lucky for you! NetFusion Media has been in business for over 13 years and is a 100% legitimate way to improve your marketing effort. Our stellar business model is focused on you and your returns. Our technology is the industry’s best at weeding out fraud and scams.

You may be getting real leads, but are they real quality?

Every company you work with is going to offer leads. You may get an email list or collection names, but it won’t be a list of potential clients. Be ready to wade through spam to get any legitimate leads.

Not only does NetFusion offer real leads (and we can prove it), but out proprietary technology helps keep those fraudulent leads out of your inbox, so you can focus on getting the best potential client list possible.

The affiliates your company aligns with might not be a good fit

On top of wading through the muck, you may still end up advertising with the wrong affiliates and in the wrong places. Your image and sales are important. No use in having your advertisements in disreputable places that will discredit your product. You shouldn’t have to spend your time vetting publishers and trying to find the perfect ones: let us do it for you!

NetFusion Media is constantly recruiting and bringing on new publishers. All publishers are well vetted and your advertisements are connected with the publishers who can bring you the best ROI.


Advertisers & Publishers! Avoid the murky waters, choose NetFusion Media today for all your affiliate marketing needs!